Things To Know Before You Reserve A Spot!

So you've decided you're ready to go! Here is an overview of some of the things you should know before you come to a charter or cruise excursion. All bookings are done via call, text, and email as each excursion is unique and there are a few things we always want to go over with you one-on-one first. 

Cancellation Policy: We have the right to cancel any charter or excursion as we feel necessary. This is mainly due to weather and other unsafe conditions. If you need to cancel for any reason, you must give us 48 hours advanced notice or you will still be charged. 

As a last note, it takes 4 people minimum to make a charter.

Release Form: As a part of the registration and booking process, we have a release form that is required everytime. To take a look at the document: Click here.

Arrive early! We will need time to suit you up, so plan to arrive a little early, preferrably no more than 30 minutes early.

Feel free to bring food and drinks. We do provide water and limited snacks, but you are welcome to bring your own. We have a cooler on deck for all to use

Bring sunscreen and remember to apply it. We will definitely be under a lot of direct sunlight at times, so come prepared!

Payment is taken at the dock. We offer many payment options for your convenience. Cash is always accepted, card reader for debit and all major credit cards, Paypal and Venmo as well.


Your Equipment

You can bring your own equipment but we do require that you bring your diving computer and take all safety measures.

You are responsible for checking and maintaining your equipment.

Renting Our Equipment

You are able to rent our equipment if you don't have your own. We are responsible for the maintainence.

More information can be found on our Services Page. Call or email for prices.

Food, Drinks, & More

No alcohol, drugs, or smoking is allowed at the dock, on the boat, or when we are at the ships or other natural locations.

You are allowed to bring food and water. We offer small bottles of water.

Ocean Safety

We expect that you will treat our staff and our natural locations with respect. We'll do the same for you!

That means no polluting or being disruptive at the location or on boat.

Release Forms

Every person who goes on any of our excursions will need to complete a release form, via Docusign.

 Minors need a guardian's permission AND attendance.

Rules for Boarding

Step One

To get started with scheduling your diving charter first check out our calendar. It has all the updated cruises and times available.

How to Book a Charter

Step Three

You'll receive a confirmation from us with your time and date, as well as docking and basic dive information.

Step Two

Get in touch with us so we can reserve your spot for you, and make sure that we can go over any pre-dive information.

Step Four

From there, just show up around 15 minutes early. You want to give some time for getting suited and loading up.

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