Lionfish Spearing
Lionfish are an invasive species that is native to the Pacific and that was artificially introduced to our local waters where they are taking over many reefs and growing unchecked by any other predators while eating up juveniles of every species that is important to local reefs. The only way to help eradicate them from our reefs is by spearing them. The State of Florida allows for Spearing of Lionfish without a fishing license and even has a reward program in place for spear fishermen who go after this detrimental species.
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Lionfish Spearing
At Viking Diving we offer use of free spears and ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Units to aid in keeping them off our reefs. We also do specialty charters to hunt and kill these fish. We have taken two State Record Fish on board the “Viking” and encourage anyone who has an interest to get involved.
Lionfish spearing is literally shooting fish in a barrel. They are easy to spear and make for good eating. The flesh is a mild, white fillet and can be prepared in a multitude of tasty dishes.
These fish are venomous and have sharp dorsal and anal spines that can inflict a very painful wound if not careful. Care should always be taken but wounds can be treated immediately with heat and pressure to prevent venom from spreading. On board the “Viking” we carry Sodium Acetate Packets to provide for immediate First Aid in the unlikely event of a lionfish injury.