Booking / Cancelation
With Viking Diving we strive to provide the best possible diving experiences for all our customers. We try to have a liberal policy for both booking and cancelation of diving trips. The following will help you with both making your reservation as well as what happens in the event of a dive trip cancelation.
Booking a Trip
To book a trip with us, all you need to do is call and make a reservation. You will need a credit card to confirm the reservation and hold your space on the boat. No booking is confirmed until we have your credit card information and your space on the boat is not guaranteed.

Why do we need a credit card?
Space on the boat is limited to a maximum of 6 divers and we must have a minimum of 4 divers to make a trip run. To avoid over booking trips, we must know in advance how many people to expect. Unless the trip is canceled, your space is confirmed with your credit card on your trip that you made the reservation for. The credit card will not be billed unless you request it to be at the time of the trip or you simply “No Show” for the trip on the day you booked.

What is a “No Show”?
If you have not canceled in advance of the trip and on the day of the trip you are not at the boat at time of the scheduled departure, then you are considered a “No Show” and you will be billed at the regular cost of the trip. Calling to cancel the same day of the trip or morning of departure is also considered a No Show. Other divers will be waiting at the boat and have made travel plans to be on the same trip so if you do not show, it will not be fair for these divers miss their dives for your “No Show”.
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Booking / Cancelation
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Cancelation Policy
Our cancelation policy is very simple. If the Captain has not canceled, then the trip is a go. If you have booked a trip with us and your travel plans change, then we will be more than happy to cancel your reservation without charge so long as we have sufficient time to fill your space on the boat. Typically this can be done during summer months with as little as 24-48 hours notice but always call with as much time as possible because this is not a standing policy and only the Captain can verify that your cancelation is confirmed.

Unacceptable Cancelations Include:
Not showing up on the day of the trip.
Calling the night before a trip to cancel.
Calling the morning of the trip to cancel.
Leaving a message that you intend to cancel.
Saying that “Oh, I thought the weather would be bad so I assumed the trip canceled”.
I got seasick and didn’t make the dives. If the boat makes it out, then the trip was done.

Only the Captain can confirm the weather conditions and make a cancelation decision. In all instances where the Captain cancels a trip, there will be no charge for the trip. Even if we make a run to the pass to confirm the conditions… if the Captain says it is a “No Go” then there will be no charge. The Captain will always discuss this decision with all divers on the boat on days when the seas are marginal and make a professional decision at this point.

Almost any unusual situation is open for discussion on cancelations and we try to be more than fair and reasonable. Our continued goal is to make everyone have the most enjoyable diving experiences on the Gulf Coast and for everyone to want to come back and dive with us again and again.