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Everything in our logo has significance and meaning. If you where inquisitive enough to find this page, then my congratulations to you and please tell me anything about our logo on your next dive charter with us. My personal thanks for your efforts in really searching over our website and your efforts to learn about Viking Diving.
The Name Viking:
Captain Thorsen comes from a long family history of Norwegian mariners. His family tree is traced all the way back to 65 BC to the first recorded King of Norway. Thor, my son, is the direct descendant to this king and even the name Thorsen is derived as the son of the Norse god of the storm and Thunder.
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USS Oriskany
The US Navy Mark V Dive Helmet:
The Mark V diving helmet has always been a symbol of the history of diving and Viking Diving has chosen this symbol because of our long family history as professional mariners and custodians of the sea.
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The ropes on the front of the helmet:
Our Logo
Are a symbol of the bonds of camaraderie that tie all divers and men of the sea together.
Lionfish Spearing
The flags:
First is the Diver Down Flag. This is the symbol of sport diving and we use this flag to show our commitment to sport diver education and the enjoyment of the underwater environment.
Second is the Alpha Flag. The international diver down flag. This symbolizes the professionalism of every aspect of our business and our commitment to this high standard of professional ethics and training.
The Starfish:
This comes from a fabled story called the Star Throwers Story. The story tells of a man throwing starfish back to sea after a storm had washed up thousands of starfish on the coastline. Another man saw what he was doing and told him that throwing a few starfish back to the sea would never make a difference. The man ignored him and threw another starfish back to sea saying "maybe so... but this starfish dosn't know that". Each one of us can make a difference no matter how small, but if you always try, then you never know what starfish will someday grow into someone that can really make a difference. I may never change the world, but what if something that I have said or done helps to mold the ideas of someone who will change the world... then helping this starfish made a difference.
The Heart:
Comes from the Thorsen coat of arms. There are actually three hearts that represent Loyalty, Honor, and Courage. Loyalty to anything, especially to those people who make a difference in your life is lacking in our society today, but this trait is something that everyone can benefit from. Honor to your fellow man and treating everyone with respect is honoring them as a person. Courage to make the difficult decisions that challenge all of us in life. The first thing that ties all these traits together is Truth... Loyalty to the truth, honoring the truth, and having the courage to stand up to the truth above everything else. This is what makes our business successful and these are the principles that we stand for.