Brass Wreck
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This is a true classic shipwreck. The wreck has never been definitively identified but it is possibly a timber hauler that dates back to the 1800ís. Locals call her the Brass Wreck due to all of the brass fittings that are literally everywhere on the wreck. She is a 250 foot long wreck that is also known for the two large anchors that rest near her Port side. These anchors are over 6 feet tall and are a little difficult to recognize due to the growth on the wreck. The ribs of the ship still rise from 4-6 feet from the seabed and ballast rock piles at the bow and stern of the shipwreck are havens for sea turtles, lobster, moray eels and plenty of other tropical fish and larger predators. Depths range from 80-90 feet and this is easily one of the most interesting wrecks in the area.
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