YDT-14 & 15
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These are two 132 foot long retired US Navy Dive Support Vessels that lay approximately 450 feet from each other in a depth of 90 feet about 16 nautical miles offshore. YDT-14 is listed as dive four on the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail because she still stands upright and has the biggest relief of the two wrecks. Hurricanes that have struck the Gulf Coast since their sinking in 2000 have caused the YDT-15 to sink up to her main deck into the seabed. Both wrecks are very similar in design and are an excellent place for Lionfish spearfishing. For some reason, this invasive species has decided these two wrecks are perfect to fit their lifestyle. Many formations of Oculina Robusta or Gulf of Mexico Staghorn Coral grow all over the decks of the ships creating plenty of habitat for small and colorful tropical fish. Octopus also inhabit many of the pipes and fittings on the wrecks. The galley in the bow of the YDT-14 still holds the stainless steel cabinets, sinks, and fixtures however they are barely recognizable with all the marine growth. This is an excellent photo opportunity for divers due to the multitude of colorful fish that inhabit the wrecks and the numerous swim through opportunities with port holes to look through.
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