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Picture yourself; suspended 60 feet under the sea... no cares or worries, even the laws of gravity have lost their hold. Your suspended in a liquid atmosphere that is teaming with life. You wonder, as you hover weightless in the water, is the real or am I dreaming? Right then a giant sea turtle nudges you from behind and you realize... This is for real... You are a diver...
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Viking Diving and SCUBA Educators International offers the most extensive diver training on the entire Gulf Coast. SCUBA Educators International is the original diver certification agency that started in 1959 with the first 20 dive instructors in the world certified at the Chicago YMCA. The YMCA SCUBA Program was born and over the years has changed its management from being independent of the YMCA of the USA, to being managed by the National YMCA offices in Chicago and renamed YSCUBA, then most recently we moved back outside of the YMCA of the USA and we are now managed and controlled by SCUBA Professionals who have worked their entire careers to maintain the highest standards that we first started with the original YMCA SCUBA Program back in 1959. Now renamed SCUBA Educators International (SEI Diving), we are still the oldest and most professional diver training agency in the world. Certainly, our dive courses are longer than what is offered through local dive shops, but our focus is not on just selling you a bunch of gear. We have prided ourselves on making sure that every student gets the knowledge and skills to be a safe and confident diver. 60 feet underwater is not the place to find out that you didn't get the proper training. We specialize in small groups of students and personal attention to your education in diving. Do Not buy any equipment before you start your training. We provide everything you will need, and we want to teach you what to look for so you don't waste your money on purchasing the wrong stuff. Let us show you what it is like to learn to dive from the true Diving Professionals on the Gulf Coast. Viking Diving and SCUBA Educators International.
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Basic Open Water / Junior Open Water Diver
This is the most extensive basic diver training course offered anywhere. Our course includes everything you will need to be a safe and confident diver. All you need is a swimsuit, towel, and a good attitude toward your own diving safety. We provide everything else.
Course Includes:
All books, training materials, equipment usage, open water dives, boat charter fees... Everything you will need for your training is provided. There are no hidden costs...
Only $350.00 per student - $295.00 for YMCA members
Open Water Plus
Course covers advanced diving skills to include: underwater navigation, deep diving, air consumption calculations, and advanced dive planning.
Included with the cost of the Basic Open Water course if done within 6 months of beginning your training. Only the cost of the certification card and the additional boat trip. Otherwise the cost is $150.00 per student.
Imagine total silence, total Neutral Buoyancy, and Total Freedom. The first Recreational Closed Circuit Rebreather training is here NOW. Go to the link above for Rebreathers or click here.
Only $795.00 per student
Gold Star Master Diver, Dive Master and Instructor Training available upon request