Viking - Crew Profiles
Captain Paolo Ghio
Captain Paolo Ghio is one of our longest and most reliable crew. He is an immigrant from South Africa (not Australia) where he learned his craft of Free Diving. He is considered the expert in the Florida Panhandle in Free Diving and Spearfishing and has also won many of the local spearfishing tournaments. He is also a proficient tri-athlete and consistently places in high standings in competitions. He also is not your typical 6 -pack captian and holds a USCG 100GT Masters license with experience aboard the Coral Reef Foundations Dive Research vessel "Primrose". As an Engineer and licensed contractor he has an extensive knowledge of the workings aboard a vessel and is an invaluable resource to our crew. He has logged more hours aboard the "Viking" than any other crew member and is a favorite aboard for all of his stories of diving adventures.
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Capt. Paolo Ghio checking out his own private reef, "Paolo's Refuge"... aka Ghio's Grouper Getto