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Captain Tim Thorsen
Captain Thorsen is a USCG Master with a 500 GT vessel rating and an instructor with SCUBA Educators International (formerly YSCUBA), SSI, PDIC, CMAS, NAUI, DAN, and the American Red Cross. He has over 40 years of diving experience in local waters and is an accomplished SCUBA and Free Diver. With his prior US Air Force experience in Special Operations (1 SOW) and as an Air Force Commando his experience has conditioned him to have an unparalleled commitment to diver safety and education. This has enabled him to provide you with the most enjoyable diving experience possible. As a single father of two wonderful kids he additionally knows how to cater to the needs of divers from all walks of life. He has more experience diving Pensacola’s local reefs and operating a dive charter boat than anyone on the Gulf Coast, and knows how to show you the most enjoyable experience possible for your dives. Captain Thorsen also served as an officer in the US Merchant Marine as the Commander of the US Coast Guard Task Force 011 for oil recovery in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 where he was responsible for the daily oil recovery operations and protection of the Florida Coastline from the Navarre Area to the State Line to the West.
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